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Alidropship Reviews Best Aliexpress Dropshipping Plugin 2020 : AliDropship is considered to be one of the best Woocommerce Aliexpress Dropshipping Plugin 2020, it has a library of designs so creating your online shop is not that difficult. So let us check Alidropship Plugin Review!

Reviews about Alidropship Best Aliexpress Dropshipping Plugin 2020

Let me tell you if you can get your own money making AliExpress dropshipping business today! Try not to have the opportunity or perseverance to build your site? At that point we will do all the hard work for you! We’ll create an amazing store for you that you’ll be excited to have your name on! There’s a huge number of AliExpress items at surprisingly low cost, so you’ll benefit from remarkable overall revenue (read: a very high percentage).

When you put resources into our AliDropship module, you can create your own efficient AliExpress outsourcing store without any stretch. The module offers all the highlights you need to build your own exceptionally profitable business.

We don’t limit the amount of items you can have or the month to month deals you can get. Even if you have a large number of items and a lot of requests, you incur no extra cost! This is our assurance. Alidropship Reviews Read more about the Best Aliexpress Dropshipping Plugin 2021.

Alidropship Review Best Aliexpress Dropshipping Plugin 2020 | 6 Reasons to Consider Before Buying Alidropship
money on huge net revenue
There are a huge number of AliExpress items at surprisingly low cost, so you’ll benefit from remarkable overall revenue (read: a very high percentage). By using the WooCommerce rendering of the outsourcing module, you can compliment the assortment of WooCommerce themes and upgrade the usability of your online store with additional Woo modules.

create your own shop
When you put resources into our AliDropship module, you can create your own efficient AliExpress outsourcing store without any stretch. The module offers all the highlights you need to build your own exceptionally profitable business. The plugin comes with expertly structured themes that you can undoubtedly organize, switch and change.

grow your business whenever
We don’t limit the amount of items you can have or the month to month deals you can get. Even if you have a large number of items and a lot of requests, you incur no extra cost! This is our assurance. Use specific coordinated channels to find the items you want on and later add them to your site without any problems.

Appreciate 100{55ee112a9cfa0f6dde5295c8dc1da3137f72c1284deea37d48efbb0342433136} Possession
Whether you build it yourself or we have it built for you, you will be solely responsible for the outsourcing domain. You keep all the profits and keep a close watch on your store. The plugin offers incredible usability and many helpful tools. Each of your items, pricing, deals, benefits, traffic details and requests are accessible and viewed within a single control board.

Benefit and deep help from our administration
We have a wide range of top-notch administration to help you prevail during each period of development. We provide free home help for every arrangement you request – so usually you’ll get us as your unique advantage! After the AliDropship module is installed, you get access to a database of 50,000+ hand-selected AliExpress top performing items in a wide range of specifications – and the initial 50 imports are completely free to you!

Let me tell you, get your own money making AliExpress dropshipping business today!
Try not to have the opportunity or perseverance to build your site? At that point we will do all the hard work for you! We’ll create an amazing store for you that you’ll be excited to have your name on! Just go to, find an important thing and import it directly to your site in just one tick. The ideal item will appear on your site in a split second, including all pictures, illustrations and variations.

AliDropship Review PROS & CONS (2021)

You can say that there are two ways in which a store can operate. Stores that keep inventory, and those that don’t. When you hold inventory, you buy products in bulk, unpack them, and ship them to your customers as soon as you generate sales.

Another option is to find a wholesale distributor (supplier) who will warehouse the items for you and ship the individual items directly to your buyers. The second option is called dropshipping. A supplier will ship the item for you to your customers, and you will never have to handle the product.

Dropshipping allows the reseller to eliminate the hassle, time and cost of marketing, SEO, getting traffic and dealing with the actual products they are selling.

When a customer purchases a product from your site, you will accept payment for the product at its retail price plus shipping costs. Once you have received the funds, you place the order directly to your supplier. The supplier will then charge you for the cost of the item and will ship the item directly to your buyer.

If you’ve done dropshipping before knowing the hassle of browsing and selecting products, checking product options for shipping, downloading product images that you eventually have to upload to your site, applying a price to each item, description, etc. Tried to do business.

It gets worse when there are multiple types of products where you have to get all the details and images from each type one by one and input it into your store. This is where the WordPress plugin comes in. Let us tell you that in this case the AliExpress dropshipping plugin. In this AliDropship review I will show what this plugin offers and its pros and cons.

AliDropship Review – Why the AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin?
You AliExpress is an online retail service made up of mostly small businesses in China that offers products to international online buyers. AliExpress dropshipping works in much the same way as the traditional dropshipping business model.

You copy the product from AliExpress to your store, set your prices/markup, and after you sell the product, you buy it from AliExpress and ship it directly to your customer.

You don’t need a warehouse nor employees to get started. Just your computer and your brain. The main advantage of dropshipping is that as a drop shipper you can buy items only when needed and have them shipped directly to your customers from AliExpress.

Simply copy the product from the AliExpress store to their website and set your price. Without a lot of investment, you can create a store to test out your niche idea and fill it with hundreds of items.

If there is no result just build a new store in another place until you find one that will bring you profit. Leaving your time and a small investment in web hosting (see best cheap WordPress hosting providers), domain and AliExpress dropshipping plugin, you have the potential to earn big.

dropshipping with aliexpress

There is little risk as compared to other online business opportunities because you only have to pay suppliers when you sell something. When you don’t have to think about stocking and shipping, you can focus on promoting the store and bringing in new customers.

You can grow and grow your business with automation, handle more orders, create more stores. AliDropship Plugin for AliExpress is that kind of automation tool that saves you time and money and can grow your dropshipping business.

AliDropship Plugin is a premium WordPress plugin that can get product details from AliExpress, download images and import them to store, check shipping options, etc., and all this automatically .

When you purchase the AliDropship plugin, you pay only once. It costs $89 with one-time payment, lifetime support, and updates.

When you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll be redirected to the download page where you can get your plugin. You should know that there are actually two versions of the plugin. The first is the standalone version and the second is the WooCommerce integration plugin.

Alidropship Review – Features

Following are some of the features provided with the plugin:

Automatically import products directly from AliExpress including images, prices, descriptions, variations, customer reviews and more.
You can edit product descriptions and also add new images, text and videos
The plugin synchronizes with AliExpress to receive fresh data from vendors and automatically updates all information updates
It allows drop shippers to order products directly and automatically from vendors, and it eliminates the need to enter all the data manually.
You should know that it has a custom dropshipping store development feature
It comes with a personalized support which is lifetime as well as free updates
That leaves you with over 100 million products to choose from. This does not limit your choice of products

AliDropship Vs AliDropship Vue – Which One To Use?
As mentioned, after purchase you will have the option of using the standalone AliDropship or WooCommerce version of the plugin called AliDropship Woo. You are free to choose any version available, based on your personal preferences and business objectives. Please note that their characteristics are different.

AliDropship vs AliDropship Woo comparison

As you can see, the AliDropship WOO plugin does not have so many features compared to the basic version.

AliDropship Woo requires WooCommerce to be installed, and you are free to choose and install any additional WooCommerce plugins tailored to your specific goals.

It is recommended to choose AliDropship WOO if you already have a WooCommerce-based online store, and you need to fill it with AliExpress products in a quick, efficient and simple way.

If you’re building a brand new online store, use the basic version of AliDropship. This is the best option if you are looking for a full scale solution that includes all the required features in a single package and does not require you to search, install and pay for any additional plugins and themes. Both versions are updated regularly, and new features are added constantly.

AliExpress Dropshipping Plugin – AliDropship Features
After successful activation, you will have access to all the plugin sections and you can check your main dashboard. Here you will find information about your recent orders, traffic statistics and other website activities.

The AliDropship Standalone plugin is only compatible with the built-in themes. You can easily switch between built-in themes without losing your settings.

To get more detailed information about your sales and traffic, visit the Reports section. Simply connect your Google Analytics to get detailed data about your visitors and traffic sources.

You can easily search and add products to your site. Specify categories, keywords, purchase quantity, and other filtering options to find the best products.

Or simply go to, find the desired product and import it directly to your site in just one click from AliExpress using the Google Chrome extension. The desired product will immediately appear on your site with information on all variations, images, description, stock and pricing.

There are two options for storing images when you import products into your store. Drop the images onto AliExpress or upload them to your server. It is recommended to leave images on AliExpress and get only links. Let me tell you that in this case, you can save space on your hosting and reduce the loading of your server.

When searching for and importing products from AliExpress, the extension shows you products with Epacket shipping. This is the best shipping option that you should use in your dropshipping business with AliExpress.

With the help of the extension, it is possible to import products directly from AliExpress, update them, collect tracking ID and process your order automatically. Once the extension is installed, go to AliDropship => Import Products and click on the Use Direct Import button. You will be redirected to AliExpress to start importing items.

importing products from AliExpress

Extension settings can be found on the red panel on a category or single product page of AliExpress. Click the gear icon to set search filters by country (any country/a group of countries), shipping method, and product detail type.

You can also select the category into which you want to import the products. The extension on the AliExpress category page will show you the processing time and shipping method available for each product.

alidropship plugin search filters

There are two types of product imports available. Single product import and bulk import. If you only need to add some special products, just click the orange Alidropship logo to import the items one by one.

alidropship single product import

In this, if the item has already been imported into your store, you will see a tick next to the cart icon. If no existing web store is found a gray icon will be shown.

aliexpress import products to site

On a single product page, the Alidropship seller’s score is available. It may differ from the one on AliExpress as it is based on parameters like how long the supplier has been selling the goods on AliExpress, his response, shipping time, accuracy of product details etc.

It is recommended to import products with a score of at least 90{55ee112a9cfa0f6dde5295c8dc1da3137f72c1284deea37d48efbb0342433136} or more. If you need to edit the item description before adding it to your store, click the Edit button on the Extensions panel.

Modal window will open when you click on edit button. In this you can make some changes in products, in modal window. In General and Pricing, you can edit titles, assign items to a specific category, and set a new price, or apply pricing formulas.

To edit the details, go to the Details tab. In this you have to check Remove text and/or remove images if you want your products to be imported without text and/or images. In the Variations tab, you can not only edit existing variations but also add new features and variations.

You can start by editing the title of the product so that it meets a few requirements:

Capitalize the first letter of each word
use keywords
Eliminate unnecessary and confusing words
don’t use too many words
The ampersand (&) should not be used in headings unless they are part of the product brand name
Make sure to get rid of unnecessary words in the permalink and make it match the product title. Make sure that the details uploaded from the Chinese supplier do not include supplier information, grammar mistakes (Check Grammar vs Whitesmoke vs Ginger), factory photos, etc.

edit before importing alidropship plugin

To change the featured image of the product or add a new image, go to the Gallery tab. Click Reset to Defaults if you do not want the changes you made to the product to be saved.

Once you have made all the necessary changes to the product, click Publish or Add to Import List if you do not want this product to be visible to your customers.

Press the Import button on the Extensions panel if you want to import items in bulk. The number of products awaiting import is displayed on the Import button. Import progress can also be checked on the Import button.

alidropship auto update
In this you do not have to worry about changes in product prices, variations and inventory. The plugin auto-updating system will keep your products updated with the latest data from AliExpress.

The AliDropship plugin gives you the ability to keep the information about your products up to date. It lets you check the availability of products on AliExpress as well as update the price, stock and variants of the product. There are two options in the plugin. Auto-updating and manual updating.

In both the cases all the options are same. The only difference is that manual updates require you to start the process manually, and you need to be logged into your AliExpress account before starting the updating process. You can set your updating options in the Updates section of AliDropship Settings.

alidropship auto updates settings

It is possible to automatically check the availability of products on Aliexpress. If a product goes missing from AliExpress, you can choose to either do nothing or send such products in draft when it happens.

You can set the duration of an update. It can be every 15 minutes, once a day, once an hour, twice a day. The plugin can auto update only 3-5 items per cycle.

Note that manual updates are not automatic to perform regularly, so it is recommended that you use the manual update option periodically (at least once a week) or enable the auto updating option.


Alidropship Import Review
You can import reviews from AliExpress directly into your site. To start importing reviews into it, go to AliDropship -> Import Reviews. Choose the number of reviews per product and the rating of the reviews. Click the Import Now button and wait for the progress bar to finish.

Many of the reviews submitted on AliExpress are in different languages. If you want to get all the reviews in one language, activate the translation option. In this you will find all reviews in other languages ‚Äč‚Äčtranslated into the language that is setup on the general settings of the AliDropship plugin.

alidropship plugin import reviews

Select the ‘Send reviews in draft’ option if you want to edit reviews before publishing. All reviews in this case will be saved in the comments. If reviews on AliExpress contain images attached by buyers, these images will be shown on your site if you select the option ‘Import reviews with images only’.

If you select the ‘Ignore Images’ option, the plugin will only import reviews with text. To upload review images to your server, select this option in the Import Reviews section.

It also lets you import reviews left by customers from only a particular country. Before importing reviews, go to and select a country in the regional settings. If you need to add reviews to a particular product on your store, go to Product Options -> Reviews and click Import Now.


change supplier options
Sooner or later all drop shippers face a situation when some products are out of stock. With the ‘Change Supplier’ option you can find the same product at another store and replace your old link with a new one. The plugin will replace the Product ID and Product URL in the Suppliers section.

change supplier option alidropship plugin

change supplier option alidropship plugin




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