best beats wireless headphones for working out

Best beats wireless headphones for working out 2022

Who doesn’t love the idea of ​​carrying the Best beats wireless headphones for working out to add a musical boost to their gym sessions? Everyone does, right?

The Beats headphones have an irresistible fan base, and are highly loved and cherished by people of all age groups.

The most remarkable part of these headphones is that while they are designed to be more portable, they never compromise on performance and sound quality ,Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

That said, let’s take a look at our select list of the best Beats headphones for workouts, which do all the punch to get your adrenaline rush up.


There’s more to the Beats headphones than the sleek pair of red over-ears with the Beats ‘B’ logo on those cups you’re probably most familiar with. This is the genre that originally popularized Beats, but in 2022 this trendy audio brand has a lot to offer Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

There are so many different Beats headphone options to choose from these days, including in-ear headphones for sports enthusiasts, a comfortable pair of on-ear headphones, and the latest Beats Fit Pro, the true AirPods Pro competitor. But at an affordable price.

In late 2021, Beats discontinued three of its older models, the Beats Powerbeats, Beats EP and Beats Solo Pro. This was a move to make way for its more up-to-date headphones and wireless earbuds. However, as long as the stock lasts, you’ll still find the Solo Pro in our guide below.

With so many new options to choose from, which Beats headphones should you buy? In this guide, we’ll help you find which Beats headphones fit with your preferences, style, and budget. We’ve included all the best Beats headphones you can buy right now, along with details about how well they perform in different environments, what their strengths are, and whether they’re the right choice for you.

Beats headphones can get expensive, so keep your eyes peeled for deals. We have a great Beats headphone deals guide dedicated to keeping you updated on all the latest discounts.

Best beats wireless headphones for working out 2022

The Beats Solo Pro tops our list because they deliver excellent adaptive noise-canceling for an on-ear offering that’s comfortable and sounds good. The Beats Solo Pro is a notable step up from previous iterations – especially when it comes to build quality.

Stronger than the Beats Solo 3 and sporting a cool matte finish in each color, the Beats Solo Pro feels like the biggest advancement in quality the series has seen for this large line of headphones in a while. Like the 2019 AirPods and AirPods Pro, they come with the H1 chip and it allows for fast pairing and hands-free Siri integration.

Priced at $299.95 / £269.95 / AU$429.95, the Solo Pro will probably appeal most to users who want Apple’s bulkier, pricier over-ear options, the Beats Studio 3 Wireless or the Beats Can without Apple’s own Apple AirPods Max. Want a great pair of ,

Active noise cancellation — in both these headphones and the Beats Studio 3 Wireless — brings Apple’s Beats closer to the best offerings from Sony and Bose, though they’re both still some distance ahead — the Sony WH-1000XM4 and the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones. The 700 over-ears are our top two picks for ANC.

However, we prefer the simple one-button use for transparency mode here. This optional feature allows some outside noise to come through, which can come in handy in an office if you want to be aware of someone calling your name or make sure you’re walking or cycling. Be aware of the traffic around you.

The Beats Studio Buds are rock-solid true wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation and support for Apple’s Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos format. They sound great with a vibrant sound quality that amplifies the high and low levels of your music, and feel extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

However, they are not without some drawbacks. Chief among them is their poor call quality and lack of the H1 wireless chip. Battery life is a little short at just five hours (15 hours with the case) with ANC or Transparency mode on, and their noise cancellation isn’t exactly class-leading.

Having said that, they’re cheaper than the AirPods Pro and their predecessors, the Powerbeats Pro, making them a more budget-friendly option if you’re looking to buy a pair of Beats earbuds.

The PowerBeats Pro true wireless earbuds are special. That’s because they do something that earbuds often promise, but rarely deliver: They’re extremely comfortable, sound good and seem like they’ll never fall out. It’s (literally) music to the ears of those who love high-intensity workouts but rarely find buds that stay on — or stay in place.

They may not be the best true wireless earbuds in Apple’s audio arsenal we can choose from the AirPods Pro now, but they’re Apple’s most premium sport in the world of running headphones, and they’re the buds we’ve come across for most workout enthusiasts. Would recommend for that reason.

This is thanks to features like pressure-reducing micro-laser barometric venting holes, their long on-board battery life and good sound quality. If we had to choose between wearing these and the original AirPods around the house or office, we’d choose these.


With an over-ear, closed back design, the Studio 3 is one of the best noise-canceling headphones Beats has made.

The battery is massively improved compared to previous models, meaning you can enjoy up to 22 hours of music, or 40 turned off with active noise cancellation – you’ll get a similar experience with the Beats Solo Pro Get.

However, it’s not all good news with Studio 3. You don’t hear sound issues in other solid headphones at this price. It’s not boomy bass, but there is a tier of blubber sitting between the bass and mids that makes the Beats Studio 3 Wireless less vocal and open-sounding than most alternatives. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s a bit disappointing for a fairly premium price.

Still, they’re a good match for iPhones that don’t have a 3.5mm jack—in fact, you can pair them with any smartphone you own thanks to Bluetooth technology. The Studio 3S is also available in multiple colors including Red, Matte Black, White, Porcelain Rose, Blue and Shadow Grey.

The new Beats Powerbeats (Powerbeats 4) are a significant upgrade over the company’s wireless workout earbuds, which offer the same sound quality as the Beats Powerbeats Pro. They also boast an IPX4 rating and Apple’s H1 wireless chip, which can summon Siri with the sound of your voice.

They’re supposed to last up to 15 hours per charge—six hours more than the Powerbeats Pro and three more than their predecessors, the Powerbeats 3—and can be paired with multiple devices and songs wirelessly with another pair of Beats headphones. can share.

They’re not quite as good as Apple’s higher-end options — the Beats Powerbeats Pro and Apple AirPods Pro — especially in the way they fit and sit in your ears, but they have a lot of the technology and specs to them. Make a good cheap option.


These Beats headphones were the first fruit of Apple’s deal to buy the Beats brand — at least in terms of the actual products. That means they’re the oldest on the list, but we still consider them a solid choice if you’re looking for a pair of wireless over-ears—especially because they often pop up in deals and during sales season. We do Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

At first glance, the Solo 3 Wireless doesn’t look any different from its predecessors, the Solo 2, an Apple acquisition or not. It’s only under further inspection of the internal specs that the improvements become more apparent – ​​Apple’s expertise in mobile engineering sees connectivity stabilizing and battery life improving Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

However, the traditional issues with audio quality are back with the Beats Solo 3 Wireless. That means we’d usually only recommend these if they’re discounted or you’re not a Beats brand loyalist, as you’ll get better performance from one of the best pairs of noise-canceling headphones out there Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

The Flex are affordable, but still premium, earbuds from Beats. They have a traditional Beats sound with a traditional Beats design, as well as similar features to other Beats headphones, but at a very non-Beats price tag Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

The Beats Flex is set to be priced at $49.99 / £50 (about AU$70), making them the cheapest wireless earbuds the company has ever launched.

Some of the most notable features of the Flex include the Apple W1 wireless chip; a built-in sensor for auto-play/pause; 12 hours of battery life with fast fuel, and our personal favorite, a laser cut micro-venting chamber to reduce in-ear pressure Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

On paper, the Beats Flex are a great deal — and well worth it if you have a small budget — but, spend some time with them, and you’ll understand why the price is there. We had a hard time getting the fit right and the sound could be good, but it just doesn’t compare to other headphones Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

Think of Beats Fit Pro as Apple AirPods Pro with some modifications and at a lower price. They have a robust feature set that includes active noise cancellation on iOS, spatial audio support and hands-free Siri, as well as a prominent wing tip, which helps keep them in your ears while you work Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

They have slightly better battery life and a smaller carrying case than the older Powerbeats Pro and produce better results than the similar-looking Beats Studio Buds, which makes them well worth the upgrade Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

But there are some intractable issues. The noise cancellation is similar to the AirPods Pro, but they aren’t quite as powerful as other earbuds from Bose and Sony. And although the wing tips hold them in place, during our testing we found that they put extra pressure on the outer ears, too. It’s also worth noting that Android users won’t get the full experience (ie spatial audio and hands-free voice assistance) that iOS users get Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

Beyond that, it’s all about how they sound. Since you’re likely to be pumping a lot of bass into these headphones, it doesn’t hurt to get a lot of bass pumping in, but each of the selections below has a unique sound profile that will suit a variety of users or Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the best headphones for running, gym, and general exercise.

We’ve used all of the models on this list extensively, including our lunchtime runs, cycles, HIIT or Tabata classes, and general strength training, to find which ones are most comfortable, durable, and reliable Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

As more fitness-motivated people continue to visit gyms and parks, those places become so noisy that Best beats wireless headphones for working out It’s hard to focus on your workouts. One solution is to get a pair of workout headphones Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

You may have heard that Bose and Beats make great headphones but are they suitable for a workout?

Unfortunately, not all Bose and Beats headphones are suitable for workouts. Some models are purely for musical enjoyment, but there are also models you can bring outside for a good sweaty workout. This guide is meant to help you navigate it, Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

resistant to sweat and weather

Although Bose did not mention the IP rating of the SoundSport, they did officially say that it is sweat and weather resistant. With this feature, you will not have to worry about sweating during exercise or rain , Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

Bluetooth and NFC pairing

Bluetooth version 4.1 and NFC pairing with your device make it easy for you to go on with your exercise.

Excellent sound quality

The volume-optimized EQ makes the SoundSport truly wireless headphones great at any volume setting. You can hear your music clearly even when you are surrounded by noise , Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

Strong Bluetooth signal

The SoundSport Free’s integrated Bluetooth version 4.1 antenna ensures a strong and reliable wireless connection to your phone for uninterrupted listening during your workouts.


sweat- and water-resistance

Beats didn’t mention the Powerbeats Pro’s IP rating, but they did say it has a reinforced design for sweat- and water-resistance to keep up with tough workouts Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

Superior sound quality

With its balanced sound and great noise isolation, Powerbeats Pro gives you a pleasant listening experience during workouts Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

Extended Connectivity Range

The Powerbeats Pro’s earbuds Class 1 wireless connect separately to your phone via Bluetooth, ensuring a longer range and more stable wireless connection or Best beats wireless headphones for working out.

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