Best disc weight for beginners

Best disc weight for beginners Buying Guide 2021-22

In disc golf, different types of discs are used for different shots. There are literally hundreds of discs available and it can be difficult to choose the right one.

On this page, we will tell you what different types of discs serve the purpose and which discs are best suited for you. Please note one thing that these are recommendations only and technique is the most important factor in a successful throw. Best disc weight for beginners.

Some pro players can easily throw a Potter over 100 meters, while even the top-distance maneuvers can only run 30 meters in the hands of a beginner.

Most disc weights range between 165 and 175 grams. PDGA limits the weight of the disc to 200 grams. I have seen articles that increase the PDAGA limit to putters and drivers by 175 grams but I cannot confirm this on their site.

Here is a link to the PDGA specifications on discs and other devices. Companies will make you heavy discs that you will not be able to use in PDGA approved events.

Drivers under 170 grams are perfect for beginners. Junior players will get 150 weight ideal for learning. The 150 class refers to super lightweights mostly used by beginners, juniors, and senior players. Best disc weight for beginners.

Most junior and adult players should start with light drivers under 170 grams. However advanced players will maximize their driver load that you don’t. Each player has a different hand speed.

See my article Best Disc Golf Drivers for Beginners Whoever Can Throw and See Those Discs in Lighter Plastics.

Mid-range discs are often heavier than 175 grams because they are wider and thicker. Beginners should look into a disc of about 170 grams. Advanced players can usually increase their mid-range discs to a maximum of 180 grams.

Putters are also lightweight and heavy. Wind putters will perform better in winds and for better throws. The light putter will average 170–172 gm and the heavy putter will be approximately 173–175 gm. Best disc weight for beginners.

The earliest disc golf sets, which I refer to, come in the perfect weight, to begin with.

Disc types – Putters, mid-range discs and drivers

The discs are divided into various categories: putters, mid-range discs, and drivers. Drivers are further divided into two subcategories: fairway drivers and distance drivers. Each category has different types of discs for different purposes.

Putters, as the title says, are used to applying and approaching shots. Goals usually fly in a very straight line due to round and high-profile putters.

Putters are the slowest golf disc and the most accurate type of disc available. The target is usually used within 50 meters of the target.

Mid-range discs

Mid-range discs, or mids, have a slightly flatter profile and wider rim, making them slightly more difficult to control than putters.

Modules are usually thrown 50 to 100 meters from the target, depending on the player. Mids are best suited for beginners, learning the flight characteristics of a disc. Best disc weight for beginners.


Drivers are an essential part of every player’s game. Depending on the driver profile, there are the flattest disc types and the rims of the drivers are wide.

This is also the reason why drivers vary so much in-flight characteristics. Fairway drivers are slower due to the narrow rim and suits getting better early. Best disc weight for beginners.

Distant drivers have wider rims and are faster because of this. We recommend distance drivers for more advanced players and for those throwing more than 80 meters.

Where To Find The Disc Weight?

best disc weight for beginnersbest disc weight for beginners

The disc weight is usually written under the disc like an example image. Although some manufacturers may stamp disc weights into disc molds, I prefer the written format because many of those brands are giving them a final weight check by hand.

Different weights

The weight of the disc has a great impact on the flight. Lighter discs are best suited for young players and beginners. Mid-weight discs are used by all players and heavyweights are best suited for competitive players and special situations.

Weight classes for discs under 21,2 cm in diameter
(max weight 175 grams)

Weight classes for discs over 21,2 cm in diameter
(max weight 180 grams)

• 150 class
• 151-164 grams
• 165-169 grams
• 170-172 grams
• 173-175 grams
• 150 class
• 151-164 grams
• 165-169 grams
• 170-174 grams
• 175-177 grams
• 178-180 grams


170–172 grams and 173–175 grams are weight classes for putters for most players. A heavier disc is more reliable because it is stubbler and less sensitive to air.

Additionally, the heavier disc “disc” is better in a series of disc golf baskets. Light putters are excellent for young players. Best disc weight for beginners.

Mid-range discs

When selecting the middle class, junior players and beginners should go for these weight classes: 150 squares, 151–164 gms, or 165–169 gms. Best disc weight for beginners.

Players who can reach 60–80 meters can use heavy discs. Competitive players normally use the heaviest, 178–180 gram, weight class mods.


The 150 class and 165-169 gram weight classes are best for junior players and beginners. The most common misconception is that heavy discs fly forward. Lighter discs work well for players at all levels.

Many of the competitive players use under 170-gram drivers, especially when thrown upwards or in moderate wind conditions. The most commonly used weight class, in addition to blizzard discs, is 165–169 grams in distance. Best disc weight for beginners.

Players who can throw for more than 100 meters with drivers use a heavier weight class, e.g. 170–172 and 173–175, the latter being the heaviest weight class among the drivers. A heavy driver is more reliable in windy conditions. Best disc weight for beginners.

Increased Speed With Lighter Discs

To get a good predictable flight from any disc, you have to accelerate it. To get a disc for speed, you have to keep it moving while it is rotating through the air.

Heavy discs are hard for beginners to achieve spinning through the air adequately for a good long flight. If a heavy disc loses its spin and then speeds up, it will end its flight quickly and may land at an undesirable angle. Best disc weight for beginners.

On the other hand, lighter discs are easier to get a good spin on. Beginners and professionals alike can easily spin these discs and therefore get more distance with them than heavier discs.

Lighter Discs Can Get More Distance

Best disc weight for beginners

Lighter discs thrown at optimum speed will receive a longer flight which usually equals greater distances. Rotating the disc properly will increase the distance. But now that we have a light disc, we can move it even faster through the air.Best disc weight for beginners.

This alone would increase the flight speed of the disc to a greater distance. The lighter disc is easier for beginners to reach back and move with enough velocity to speed the disc.

When To Throw Lighter Discs

Best disc weight for beginners2

Throwing a light disc upward is an ideal idea for greater distances. Generating that speed is not as easy for uphill drives and approaches, and therefore a lighter disc will improve your uphill drive. Best disc weight for beginners.

Light discs are perfect for tailwind drives! There is a tailwind when the wind is coming from behind you. Tailwinds slow down your disc during flight.

If you throw a heavy disc into a tailwind it can move faster. Best disc weight for beginners.
Lighter discs and slower discs may be an ideal combination of a disc for beginners throwing in a tailwind.

When To Throw Heavier Discs

Best disc weight for beginners2

Heavy discs typically have more stability and are perfect for throwing in the air. The wind wants to reverse your disc and the heavier disc will resist that flight with a stronger fade at the end of its flight than the lighter disc.

If you have a home course that you play regularly then you want to choose heavy discs to help you withstand a lot of wind. A great idea in windy conditions with heavy putters.

Their weight will help them to sit on the ground faster and will also generally glide lower.

What Weights Should I Have In My Bag?

Best disc weight for beginners

As you can guess, lighter discs are good for starting. However, they are not just what you should have.
Some want to start with medium-weight discs, especially if they stay in windy conditions or have naturally strong arms.

Know which weight works best for you. Then you might want to try lighter or “bubble plastic” in your favorite driver.
You might also want to try a heavy putter for those days.

Buy two of your favorite puters of the same weight. Then get one at the maximum weight for the air condition.Best disc weight for beginners.
As you are playing and learning, think about disc load and always take care of disc load.

Trying other random discs. Variety is the spice of life and the same goes for disc weights. Do not always feel that the heaviest disc is the best, the best, or makes you look stronger.

When you understand the disc flight patterns and how they all work together, the disc load falls right into the line.

Plastic types

The other important factor for choosing the right disc is the plastic type. All our manufacturers offer their disc models in various plastic types. You can find detailed descriptions of different types of plastics below.

Innova plastics

Dx plastics
The DX line offers the best and most comprehensive selection of models and weights. These discs are inexpensive and provide an excellent grip in various weather conditions.


  • Provides better grip which performs well in most weather conditions.
  • Using this you can provide new variety of flight features.
  • The most economically priced plastic line

Pro Plastics
The Proline is manufactured using a special blend of plastics designed to provide unique properties for each model. These quality discs provide greater durability than DX plastic and an increased grip compared to Champion plastic.

The Pro-Line disc offers an additional glide compared to all other Innova disc lines and is more affordable than the premium Champion or Star Line discs.


  • Glide over the champion, star or DX plastic
  • The champion line provides a better grip on plastic.
  • Some models are available with colored i-dye designs.

“Original” clear or pearl plastic developed by Innova. The Champion line disc retains the original flight characteristics for hundreds of rounds of disc golf. Best disc weight for beginners.

Sturdy Champion Plastic makes a disc stabler compared to its DX, Pro, or Star counterparts. Also available with colorful and unique I-Dye design.


  • High quality plastic that provides superior durability and reliable performance.
  • Suitable for increasing throwing speed of professional players.
  • Maintains flight characteristics longer than DX or Pro plastic.

Blizzard champion
All new innovations were launched in 2012! Blizzard technology incorporates thousands of microblobs into durable microbion plastics.

This results in higher speeds, premium plastic drivers all the way up to 130 grams in weight! The Blizzard disc flies with about the same stability as the 20-gram heavy model.

The Blizzard champion line is adding distance for both pro and amateur players. The Blizzard champion boss currently holds the world record at a distance of 255 meters.


  • Lighter weight = more distance with less effort.
  • Better durability in lightweight plastics.
  • Great for beginners and more experienced players.
  • Disc below 140 g floats in water.

Star Plastic Pro provides the same excellent durability of Champion Plastic with better plastic grip. Top-of-the-line plastic mixtures.


  • Great all-weather grip.
  • Long-lasting durable plastic durability, even on wooden or rugged courses.
  • Some models available in recycled Eco Star Plastics.

G Star
The GStar material is a unique blend of Innova’s extremely popular Star plastic. GStar discs are more entertaining and flexible than regular Star Line discs.

This type of grip level has not been seen before in premium plastics. It maintains its grip and flexibility very well even in cold air, making this plastic blend optimal for winter disc golf.

The material produces a unique metallic color that glows and glows in the sun.Best disc weight for beginners.


  • Great all-weather grip, especially in the cold
  • Good durability and flexibility – more controlled skips
  • Beautiful metal shimmer – great looking plastic!

Innova – other plastic types

KC Pro
Ken Climo’s own line of discs. The KC Aviar and KC Roc are made from an exceptionally rigid pro-plastic designed for Ken Klimo.

These discs are more unstable than normal discs of the same model. A highly durable plastic.
JK pro
Juliana Korver’s own plastic type. The JK Pro Ever is manufactured from a sticky, yet fairly rigid, plastic blend designed for Juliana Kovar. Best disc weight for beginners.

This plastic provides an excellent grip.
XT (Pro)
For wet conditions, the XT material is arguably the best alternative to plastic. XT means Xtra Traction. It has proved to be a durable and grip stick plastic. Best disc weight for beginners.

XT content will appeal to players who appreciate the more traditional feel for their discs. It has better wear and scuff resistance than DX material.
Yeti Pro
J “Yeti” readings own plastic type. Yeti Reading, designed for J reading, is manufactured from a viscous plastic mixture, which produces a great grip. Best disc weight for beginners.

The Yeti Pro plastic is stiffer than the JK Pro but not as rigid as the KC Pro.
Glow DX
Phosphored discs are really easy because they glow in the dark. The Glow DX plastic is soft and provides a good grip. Many different disc models are available.
Glow Champion
Phosphored discs are really easy because they glow in the dark. Glow Champion Champion is similar to plastic, but slightly smarter and more durable. Available in mids and drivers. Best disc weight for beginners.
“Rubber Supporter”. A sticky, very soft plastic mixture that provides excellent grip. Works particularly well under wet and cold conditions.
Eco star
Innova is doing its part for the environment with Eco-Star Plastics. The Eco Star Disc, launched in 2009, consists of 50–100 percent recycled plastics. Best disc weight for beginners.

Eco-Star Plastic is softer than regular Star Plastic and provides a great grip.
StarLite is the Star Plastic equivalent of Blizzard Champion. It is regular star plastic influenced by thousands of microblobs to allow for the production of discs in low weight.Best disc weight for beginners.

The StarLite selection offers a variety of drivers in beginner friendly weight.

Discmania’s plastic types

The cheapest plastic in the lot’s grip Dysmania line, even in wet conditions. Soft but firm feel – ideal for putters. Similar to Innova’s DX Plastics.

Great experience and extra glide. The Grippiest plastic type, perhaps there, is ideal for northern Europe conditions. The plastic reveals a new flight experience in your disc when worn down.

Typically slightly more understandable plastic types than the S and C-line.

Dysmania’s most durable plastic – similar to Innova’s Champion plastic. Best disc weight for beginners. Good grip and showstopper see-through. Discmania’s most stable plastic, generally, is conducive to drivers.

The most popular of the plastic types of dysmenia.

Blizzard C-Line
Blizzard technology incorporated thousands of microblobs into durable C-line plastics. This results in high speed, premium plastic drivers in light weight, the longest flying high speed drivers for low hand speed players.

Provides you excellent grip in all weather conditions with great durability.  Best disc weight for beginners. This plastic is well-aged, meaning that the behavior of your disc drastically changes the behavior of the flight after a few collisions with trees. Similar to Innova’s Star Plastic.

Soft version of S-line. Best disc weight for beginners. This was a test run, which was used only a few years ago in the MD1S. Dysmania has been discontinued since the launch of the P-Line, but is still available in limited quantities.

Highly sinister and durable plastic blend that feels great in your hand and absorbs collision very well. Best disc weight for beginners.

Similar to Innova’s popular GStar plastics, the G-Line is the perfect choice for rounds in cold weather, as it remains flexible even when temperatures drop below zero.

The G-Line plastic also has a beautiful metal shimmer that makes each disc unique.

Dysmania’s X-line material is the best plastic option for wet and cold weather conditions. This plastic mixture has a very organic feel and is probably the best hold of any plastic material. Best disc weight for beginners.

The porous structure makes the material sinister even when it is wet. The X-Line content will appeal to players who appreciate the more traditional feel for their discs. It has better wear and rough resistance than Dysmania D-line material. Best disc weight for beginners.


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