best waterproof concealer for oily skin

best waterproof concealer for oily skin 2022

In this article we introduce best waterproof concealer for oily skin . I have been a long and dire victim of raccoon eyes for many years. You know the dark circles around my eyes (blue dark brown…). And I never felt the need to hide them. One because I hate piling on makeup. my face and the other I thought it would look unnatural on me. Then one day I decided to give it a shot.

Now I had no concealer so I used a little foundation instead. And it looked worked. The best part was that it looked absolutely normal and natural on me.
My eyes immediately lit up and I was amazed at the change it brought. So much so that since I never felt the need to buy a special concealer for my eyes and work with foundation only.

I had previously used Cover Girl’s Clean Makeup range and it worked well for me though only as a concealer and not as a foundation. It was actually a souvenir from my aunt’s trip to the US (I always insist on the MU souvenir). The color was a perfect match but it was too creamy to be used for my oily skin in summers. So I kept it away till the experiment where it proved to be my savior.

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I tried using some other foundations as an eye concealer with different techniques but coming back to the original. Not because of the brand I guess but because of a number of other reasons that have led me to believe that foundation can be substituted for concealer.

Concealer is basically a thick and creamy version of foundation, so it makes sense to replace it with one. But make sure the foundation you replace is not water based. If it is creamier then it will adhere to the skin and blend easily . You can also keep it in the fridge to cool it down and make it thicker. Also the skin around your eyes is very delicate and needs to be kept hydrated at all times. Here are some rules for using foundation as a concealer:

Girl Makeup Beautiful - Free photo on PixabayMany makeup experts are of the opinion that concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation best waterproof concealer for oily skin. I strongly disagree, especially if you don’t wear heavy foundation. Use the exact shade to match your skin tone. This means you can use your regular foundation. As a concealer instead of buying a separate one.

The foundation should provide at least medium to heavy coverage for it to work. If you need to brighten up the under eye area then tinted moisturizers can do the trick but for deeper dark circles use a foundation which provides better coverage best waterproof concealer for oily skin.

best waterproof concealer for oily skin

Application technology also makes a big difference. Don’t dot the foundation on your problem areas and then press down lightly. Alternatively you can also use a concealer brush and if you don’t have a thin bristle paint brush.

Don’t overkill. You want to achieve a natural look and not accentuate the areas around the eyes, but blend it in with the rest of your face best waterproof concealer for oily skin. Apply a little at first and then if you need to apply more. You can also apply pressed powder for extra coverage plus it helps set into the foundation.
Finish with highlighter and light eye makeup. The idea is not to make your eyes stand out so use subtle eye makeup.

Concealer is basically a trick of the makeup world and I know some people swear by it, but first give your humble foundation a shot and who knows you might be converted. Just like me.
We’ve all been there: An unsightly blemish appears overnight at the most inopportune moments of life, before an important meeting or big date. Before going on autopilot and sculpting your face, consider opting for concealer that’ll do the same thing without harming your skin.

Similar to camouflage that hides blemishes and conceals imperfections, concealer can also clog pores, delay the healing process of a pimple, or cause further breakouts. Plus, your skin looks its best when it looks real and natural instead of being covered up by heavy use of concealer best waterproof concealer for oily skin. The latest innovations in both skin care and makeup make it possible to achieve a smooth, even complexion without caking on concealer.

Experiment with these DIY replacement or concealer alternative ideas to cover your face – without hiding or damaging it.

Idea 1: Use foundation
Full-coverage cream or liquid foundation is a great alternative to concealer. Treat the affected area(s) by dabbling on a small dot of foundation, using your ring finger or pinky finger (they’re gentler than your index finger) to blend with the surrounding skin, and apply no more makeup. Let dry before Opt for a foundation with a label that contains a high percentage of ultra-refined pigments as one of its ingredients best waterproof concealer for oily skin.

These tiny pigmented balls visibly erase imperfections with a blurring effect to smooth and even skin while reducing the appearance of spots, scars, hyper pigmentation and redness. Think of it as the makeup version of Snapchat filters.
Once dry, apply the same foundation to the rest of the face, using a silicone makeup sponge, to create a flawless, airbrushed effect for the overall look.

Idea 2: Use powder

Loose powder was used by your mother or grandmother to set the makeup. But did you know that it can also be used as a concealer replacement? Substitute powder for concealer to blur the appearance of pores, fine lines and blemishes best waterproof concealer for oily skin. According to an interview with beauty expert Huda Kattan, the “baked” version of the powder is the key to a flawless finish. Use controlled amounts of fine powder to brighten and revitalize under-eye darkness, reduce trouble spots, subtly correct color, and provide high coverage.

Idea 3: Use CC Cream

Ever since Korean skin care made its way to the United States in 2011, when Sephora stores began carrying Korean beauty brand Dr. Jart, CC (color or color correcting) creams and cushion compacts have been in the spotlight best waterproof concealer for oily skin. These are the ultimate hacks for when you’re pressed for time (or just lazy), because concealer replacement treats multiple skin problems at once. CC creams cover and treat skin discoloration, blemishes and age spots, while providing lightweight, buildable coverage that reduces and neutralizes redness.

Most SPFs also provide protection, antioxidants, skin-brighteners like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and peptides. Peter Thomas Roth of his eponymous clinical skin care line explained in an interview, “Using a matte-mineral version of a CC cream can help to instantly blur imperfections while evening out both skin tone and texture. ”

Idea 4: Use a DIY Combo

Make your own mix using items you probably already have in your medicine cabinet. Start with a base of moisturizer (a thick, hydrating formula that includes almond or coconut oil, which makes it easier to work with), add a lather to your skin tone, and a drop of facial oil, such as That Pai Organics Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil or Herbivore Orchid Oil. Blend together and apply to skin where concealer is needed. best waterproof concealer for oily skin

To skip concealer, protect your skin, and put the spotlight on your confident complexion where it belongs.

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