Hamilton beach microwave best buy

Hamilton beach microwave best buy

Of the four appliances in the typical kitchen suite, the Hamilton beach microwave best buy is the least expensive. That’s why when buying a refrigerator, range or dishwasher, you might not give it as much as you think.

But buying a Hamilton beach microwave best buy from a trusted brand increases the chances of its longevity. This means you won’t prematurely toss a broken countertop model to prevent it or tear down an over-the-range microwave that no longer works.

Consumer Reports has identified the brands of Hamilton beach microwave best buy most likely to run by our members—along with 71,245 over-the-range (OTR) microwaves and 68,902 countertop microwaves—and those most likely to develop problems or break down. . With new buying experiences between 2011 and 2022. ,

Six brands of countertop microwaves and four brands of OTR microwaves received top marks for reliability from our members. And based on their experiences, we can’t recommend six brands of countertop microwaves and three OTR brands.

To calculate estimated reliability, we survey our members about the products they own and use that data to predict how a given brand new model will fare over time. We also survey members about how likely they are to recommend their microwave, a question that serves as the basis for our owner’s satisfaction ratings. Models from brands that receive fair or poor ratings for reliability are not eligible to be recommended, no matter how well they perform in Consumer Reports’ tests.

To come up with the overall score you’ll see in our microwave rating chart, we take into account both perceived reliability and owner satisfaction with the results of performance tests performed in our labs. For a microwave, that includes notches on all the functions you expect from your appliance: fast and even heating, even defrosting, controls that are intuitive and easy to use, and quiet operation.

“Calculating a composite score for microwaves that includes reliability and satisfaction gives consumers a clear direction on what to choose,” says Simon Slater, CR’s associate director of survey research.

Over-the-range microwave

An over-the-range microwave is a strategic choice if you’re short on counter space and like the fact that it doubles as a range hood (though usually a less powerful one). Replacing the OTR model can be a bit difficult as you will have to remove it from the wall and cabinets. So when your old one breaks, you’ll want to install a new one from a trusted brand.

According to our survey, OTR microwaves from Electrolux, Jenn-Air and Samsung are more likely to develop problems or break down at a higher rate than their competitors. “Because of this, none of these brands can be recommended by Consumer Reports at this time,” says Tian Wang, a survey research associate.

OTR microwaves from Hotpoint, Ikea, Sharp and Whirlpool are better bets, with brands earning excellent ratings for perceived reliability. Of the 20 brands rated in our survey, six other brands earn very good credibility ratings. Seven more get a good reliability rating, enough to maintain their eligibility status as recommended by Consumer Reports. (CR doesn’t currently test models from every brand listed in our survey.)

Two brands earn very good ratings for owner satisfaction: Monogram and Sharp. No brand earns an excellent rating on that measure.

Most common OTR errors

Most frequently reported problems with microwaves over limits? Excessive noise, control panels that do not function properly, and doors that do not lock properly. Five percent of OTR microwaves in our survey had a noise problem and 4 percent had a broken or faulty control panel and/or door.

Back then, the most common problem our members reported to OTR was the failure to heat the food evenly. Members also reported problems with turntables, interior lights, exhaust fans and cooling fans, but they affected only 1 to 2 percent of microwaves.

Electrolux in particular stands out as one of those brands that are more likely to have problems with control panels, bad doors, noise and interior lights.

Other brands that stood out in our survey as being more likely than general to cause specific problems include:

  • Faulty control panels for Zen-Air and Samsung.
  • Magic Chef for a lot of noise.
  • Ikea, to warm up slowly.

We also asked our members what they liked about their OTR microwaves. We found that the characteristics that most impacted overall satisfaction with the OTR microwave were reliability, how well it heats food, ease of use of controls, appearance, noise, variety of features, and venting capabilities. With regards to appearance, seven brands topped the list: Bosch, Cafe, Dacor, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Monogram and Sharp. Bosch, Cafe, Jenn-Air, Monogram and Sharp also got thumbs-up for quiet operation.

Consumer Reports tests microwaves for performance, including whether a model heats evenly and how noisy it is when operating at the highest setting. To avoid problems, select one of those tests. There’s a lot to choose from.

What’s next for OTR owners?

About 4 out of 5 CR members currently owning OTR microwaves said that the next microwave they would buy would also be OTR. Only 3 percent said they would switch to a countertop model. The top considerations cited for their next microwave purchase were reliability, performance, appearance (finish/color), and repairability. Factors that didn’t matter much were brands, recyclables, and special features like convection, grilling, and WiFi.

Countertop Microwave

Countertop microwaves don’t require installation like OTR microwaves, but they do take up a fair amount of kitchen real estate. Large countertop microwaves are typically about 2 feet wide, 1 foot high, and about 1.5 feet deep. Models with a smaller footprint tend to be underpowered and generally didn’t perform well in our tests.

Breville, Hamilton Beach, Insignia, LG, Procter-Silex and Signature Kitchen Suite microwaves are the most trusted brands; All six brands earn excellent ratings. Seven out of 32 brands in our survey earn very good ratings.

Of the six most trusted brands, only Breville earns excellent to owner satisfaction. Panasonic, which earns a Very Good rating for reliability, also receives a Very Good rating for owner satisfaction.

Six brands of countertop microwaves—Avanti, Cafe, KitchenAid, Monogram, RCA, and Whirlpool—receive fair ratings for perceived reliability and as a result don’t qualify to be selected for our recommended list.

Most Common Countertop Microwave Faults

Complaints about countertop microwaves tend to be the same as OTR’s. Failure to heat food evenly and excessive noise top the list. Each affects 5 percent of the countertop microwaves owned by our members.

The next most common are doors that don’t close properly, turntables that stop turning, and Hamilton beach microwave best buy that are slow to heat food or liquids — or both. But overall, these problems affected only 3 percent or less of the countertop microwaves in our survey.

The brands our survey highlighted for being more likely than general to cause specific problems:

  • Amazon Basics for slow heating of food and liquids.
  • Symbol for slow heating of food.
  • KitchenAid and Whirlpool for doors that should not close.

Reliability, ease of using controls, how well Hamilton beach microwave best buy heat food, heat speed, and variety of features or controls were the strongest predictors of overall satisfaction with countertop machines. Appearance was also a consideration.

As a group, countertop Hamilton beach microwave best buy tend to be a bit noisier than over-the-range models, though in our microwave tests, none earned a poor rating. In our heating parity tests, most countertop models earned an excellent or very good rating, although there are a few outliers, including many smaller microwaves, which earn mediocre scores at best.

Hamilton beach microwave best buy Not Heating – Troubleshooting and Diagnostics


IMPORTANT: Even when unplugged, a Hamilton beach microwave best buycan contain high amounts of electricity that can be fatal – only a professional should open and handle a microwave. You shouldn’t take apart or attempt to repair an oven without first consulting a professional, as injury may occur – it’s not worth the risk.

To solve the problem of inconsistent or no heating in your Hamilton beach microwave best buy, here are a few things you can try:

  • Make sure the timer function is not on

Sometimes, you can press the timer button instead of the cook button. While a timer has many uses—it’s a great way to count down—it can be frustrating if you’re cooking and accidentally hit the timer button.

  • Make sure the door is closed properly

It is important to make sure that your Hamilton beach microwave best buy door is completely closed; Just close it gently. A forced door can damage one of your switches, which could mean that your microwave won’t run properly.

If you’ve tried everything and your microwave is still not working, here are the possible reasons.

Faulty diode

A diode is a vacuum tube that directs electrons to flow in only one direction. This minimizes power loss and gives more control over the microwave. A magnetron is a vacuum tube that produces Hamilton beach microwave best buy, which are then guided into the food by a waveguide.

If the magnetron stops working, you will not be able to use the microwave, and this is most likely due to a burnt out diode.

When the diode burns out, it is obviously damaged. Inspect the diode and if it is burnt out, replace it. To test a diode, touch one lead of a multimeter to the end of the diode and the other lead to the base (or the other side). If the multimeter shows continuity (indicating that current is flowing through it), switch it around and check for continuity again. When you reverse the lead, the multimeter should show no continuity.


Faulty door switch

Some doors in a microwave switch only when the door is closed and magnetized. On other Hamilton beach microwave best buy, these three or four door switches are used to determine when you opened the door, and how long it took to open.

When the Hamilton beach microwave best buy door is closed, it turns on automatically. Here’s how it works: First, the main power switch is turned on, then the high voltage relay is turned off, then the circuit within the control system (IC) is turned on. If any of these switches fails, it will not be detected by the IC and the microwave will not heat up.

Use a multimeter to make sure each microwave door switch has continuity to the selector switch and door latch. If any door switch does not have continuity, replace it.

Burn out magnetron

The magnetron is the main component of the Hamilton beach microwave best buy, and is important for generating heat. Because this component operates with high voltage, high current, and generates an enormous amount of heat, it burns out much faster than other components.

If the magnetron burns out, your Hamilton Beach Hamilton beach microwave best buy will not heat up. So instead of improving it, it needs to be changed. If you see color on your food, hear a strange rattling sound, or notice a drop in potency, it should be replaced as soon as possible.


Burn Out High Voltage Capacitor

Microwaves use a device called a magnetron to create electromagnetic waves that heat food. The high voltage capacitor and the high voltage diode work together to produce this result. What happens The transformer converts electrical energy from your home’s circuits into energy that can be controlled by a magnetron. High voltage, alternating current (AC) is converted into direct current (DC). A Hamilton beach microwave best buy oven’s capacitor is a small device that acts as a filter for high voltage. In many microwaves, the capacitor will eventually burn out, causing all kinds of problems. The most common symptom of a burnt capacitor is that the microwave does not heat up.

High voltage capacitors are very dangerous, so you should avoid touching them if the microwave is on. The easiest way to test a capacitor is to turn off the Hamilton beach microwave best buy, remove it from its mounting, connect the alligator clip to both terminals, and then touch the alligator clip to the VOM’s lead. If no reading is obtained when attempting this test, the capacitor is probably faulty.

Failed High Voltage Transformer

If you have an older microwave with a high-voltage transformer, there is a chance that it will eventually wear out. If so, you’ll notice that it takes longer than usual to heat food in your Hamilton beach microwave best buy. You can sometimes smell something like burning plastic. A bad transformer can cause your microwave to make a noise when you try to heat food.

Blown thermal fuse

Our Hamilton beach microwave best buy have a thermal fuse, which will cut off the power to the unit if it overheats. If the microwave stops working, unplug the appliance and use a multimeter to test the thermal fuse for continuity. If it doesn’t have continuity, replace the fuse. The fuse can’t be reset – if it’s blown, you’ll need to replace it.

Tripped Thermo protector

A Thermo protector is a device that prevents a Hamilton beach microwave best buy from overheating. If your microwave is suddenly acting poorly, your Thermo protector may have tripped—a possible cause of the problem.

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