Top 10 Italian Coffee Brands in Italy Buying Guide 2021[Update]

History of production of Italian ground coffee

In Italy, as in other countries, the introduction of coffee was initially opposed by some members of the Church. Indeed, some fanatical Christians urged Pope Clement VIII to ban the “drink of the devil”, but the pope tasted and liked the new drink, so he welcomed its use. Thanks to the Pope’s blessing, coffee quickly became a very popular drink.

Coffee is mainly grown in tropical regions. Of the many types of Italian ground coffee, Arabica is the most common, and accounts for three-quarters of global coffee production.

Espresso coffee has “very Italian origins” in relation to espresso makers and production methods. The machines and techniques that are so common today in Italy are the result of the improvement of a prototype that was presented at the Paris World Expo in 1855.

Many of us enjoy a fine brewed cup of coffee, be it cappuccino, macchiato or espresso. It has become an irresistible habit for all the coffee lovers.

Coffee gives us a good reason to start our day while in the afternoon, it makes a perfect opportunity to hang out with friends and family or catch up in most of the coffee shops. In recent times, coffee drinking has taken a deep root around the world, and Italy is no exception.

Most Italians like their coffee-flavored and roasted until dark because it has all the qualities and flavours.

However, Italian coffee tends to be a bit bitter; It gives a satisfying feeling that all Italian coffee lovers know all too well that Italians are so obsessed with drinking coffee; That’s why they keep on exploring how to improve their coffee. We have reviewed the best top 10 Italian coffees to help you choose the best coffee that you will not only love but also enjoy drinking. Let’s start on the review.

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